Pinay Scandals in the Philippines

A pinay scandal is making a video having sex with a pinay without her knowledge...

There are lots of pinay scandal all over the internet if you know how to find them...

Common Search are Pinay Scandal, Pinay Celebrity Scandal, Pinay University Scandal, Pinay College Scandal, and Pinay Boso. 

The most common form of Pinay scandals are uploaded and publicly viewed videos of Pinays (Filipino woman) involved in sexual acts that disgraces societal standards and morals. Other forms are leaked nude photos.

"Pinay scandal" is also a key word spread around the pinoy (Filipino) blogosphere to be used by wholesome blogs so that it would mix up with porn sites and would be a little harder to find porn material with such keyword. This is to prevent or at least minimize usage of said key word as catch phrase for porn. Quite heroic in a way but somehow failed the purpose. This is one example.

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